Graduation Speech

Inspirational Speaker at MMU Graduation Ceremony

Manchester Metropolitan University invited Abid Khan to be an Inspirational Speaker at the Graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities ‘Class of 2022’.

Abid talks about his journey into filmmaking and why it’s important to fall forward!

“I made a 100% commitment to film. I no longer liked the concept to have something to fall back on. If I’m going to fall, I wanted to fall forward, so I’m getting a little closer to where I want to be.”

“Here’s what it means. Thomas Edison conducted 1,000 failed experiments. Most people don’t know that because the one thousand and first, was the lightbulb. Fall forward.”

“…Take risks and be willing to fail. And taking risks isn’t just about going for that great job. It’s about being open to new people and to new ideas. In the film Ben takes small steps & opens himself to new people, new cultures. Ultimately his heart becomes flooded with love.

And I can’t think of a better message, as we send you off today.
To the class of 2022. This is your mission,
when you leave Manchester Met,
take risks, be open to life,
to accept new views and
to be open to new opinions.
Never be discouraged, never hold back.
Give everything you got and when you fall in life,
even tonight after you had a few too many drinks.
Remember this. Fall forward. Congratulations. “