feature film

Granada Nights

GRANADA NIGHTS is a self-discovery film about British-Pakistani tourist who’s tries to mend his broken heart and restart his life in this transient, student city of Granada, Spain.

The film captures the rights of passage of studying abroad, finding a sense of belonging in a foreign country and the special connections with other foreigners, which can be so fleeting but yet be so important.


A British-Pakistani tourist struggles to mend his broken heart. After a sudden breakup with his girlfriend he finds himself lost and isolated in the foreign city of Granada, Spain.

It’s only when he befriends a group of young international students that he starts to push himself out of his comfort-zone. From the Easter Processions, Moorish influences and Flamenco Gypsies he immerses himself in the many cultures that inhabit the city.

With his new foreign friends, he enrols on a Spanish class, moves into their apartment and tries to restart his life. But behind every corner is a reminder of his ex-girlfriend and his struggle to find closure.